Goodwin Granger 8 1/2 ft

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Trying to find the best way to photohgraph rods to show actual condition it is tough. Realistic bids will be considered and answered, email bids to also use this email for any questions Thanks for your interest Rod is straight, equal length original condition just handling marks at least to these 79 year old eyes Rods I have, 7 1/2 T&T Classic by Maxwell, 7 1/2 W&M Aristocrat 3 pcs, several 8 ft Grangers, 8ft Phillipson, 7 1/2 ft Heddon 3pcs, 7 ft Heddon Folsum with wrap on handle, Orvis 99, W&M 9ft , Fenwick 8ft Boron, plus many others This rod is original and really super shape, wonderful slow action of the Goodwins
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