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First video showing our new KiwiNymph NZ tapered leader. Next video footage will show fish being caught! These versatile knotless European Nymphing Leaders are 12 meters long. They cast beautifully with fly rods in the 3 to 4 weight range. The leaders are colourless to minimise scaring fish. We have modified the leaders by heat-treating them in boiling water to soften the material and then cut them to an ideal length for modern leader-to-hand European Nymphing methods (usually referred to as French, Belgian, Spanish, Italian, Czech and Polish styles). The thick butt section at 0.57mm allows control over the cast when fishing up to 10 meters and even further, especially when incorporating a double-haul. It is thick enough to hold comfortably in the line hand. The tip section is fine enough to allow tippet and nymphs to land delicately. The transparency of these leaders is far less likely to scare fish than conventional fly-lines and the lightness reduces drag on the indicator section and nymphs when 'high-sticking'. The KiwiNymphNZ leader is supplied with a 2 meter length of twin-coloured fluorescent orange/yellow monofilament indicator material. It has the same diameter as the leader tip at 0.31mm for continuity. This indicator may be cut to size or even prepared in coil form for the French nymphing method. You may prefer to use just a short section of one colour. We have trialled these leaders on New Zealand rivers. They are so versatile – you can fish under the rod tip <b>…</b>
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