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Fly Fishing the Blue River – Pocket Guide

2010 Fly Fishing Guide
Blue River Colorado


By Steve Casey


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River Information
Fishing Season: Open All Year
Where: central Colorado, 65 miles from Denver, CO (I-70)
Headquarters: Silverthorne, Dillon, Frisco, Breckenridge
Fishing Gear: 3-7 wt rods, floating lines, 5x-7x tippet, waders
Accessories: rain gear, polarized sunglasses, fleece jacket, day pack
Species: Rainbows, Browns, Brook Trout, Snake River Cutthroat, and Kokanee Salmon
Weather: 303-871-1492 (9News)
Road Conditions: 303-639-1111
River Flows: (303) 831-7135, option 5, 1# or 2#
Maps:, “Blue River Silverthorne, CO”

Stream Information
Seasons & Flows
Fall: Sept, Oct, Nov: 100-400 cfs
Winter: Dec, Jan, Feb: 100-200 cfs
Spring: Mar, Apr, May: 500-1,500 cfs
Summer: Jun, Jul, Aug: 100-400 cfs

Insect & Season
Midge: All Seasons
Mysis: All Seasons
Caddis: Summer Season
Green Drake: Summer Season
Beatis (BWO): Spring/Fall Season
Pale Morning Dun: Summer Season
Terrestrials: Summer Season
Streamers: Spring/Fall/Winter Season
Red Quill: Summer Season
Golden Stonefly: Summer Season

Insect, Season, and Flies
Midge – All Seasons
Flies – Black Beauty 18-24, Brassie 16-24, Disco Midge 18-24, Blood Midge 16-24, Miracle Midge 16-20, Griffith’s Gnat 16-22, Serendipity 16-24, Garcia’s Rojo Midge 18-24

Mysis: All Seasons
Flies – Mysis patterns 14-18

Caddis: Summer Season
Flies – Breadcrust 10-18, Buckskin 16-20, Elk Hair Caddis 10-22, X-Caddis 12-22

Green Drake: Summer Season
Flies – Green Drake 10-12, Adams 10-12, Green Drake Paradrake 10-22

Beatis (BWO): Spring/Fall Season
Flies – Baetis Sparkle Dun 14-22, Baetis Twi-Lite Dun 14-22, Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-22, Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-22, Parachute Adams 14-22, RS-2 18-22

Pale Morning Dun: Summer Season
Flies – PMD 14-18, Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-22, Hair’s Ear Nymph 14-18

Terrestrials: Summer Season
Flies – Royal Wulff 10-16, Renegade 10-16, Black Ant 14-20, Foam Madam X 8-12, Hoppers 8-12, San Juan Worm

Streamers: Spring/Fall/Winter Season
Flies – Woolly Bugger 2-10, Muddler Minnow 4-10

Red Quill: Summer Season
Flies – Rusty Spinner 12-20

Golden Stonefly: Summer Season
Flies – Prince Nymph 8-16, Stimulator 8-12, Copper John 8-16

Hot Flies

Get Your Local Patterns at Cutthroat Anglers 970-262-2878 or 888-876-8818 Silverthorne, CO

Blue River Fishing Reports:

Rigs: primarily a nymphing river, tandem nymph rig or dry and a dropper, San Juan + Mysis

Hot Flies: (recommend a hot fly at
JuJu Bee Midge (zebra and cream), Desert Storm Red, WD-50, Midge Adams, Barr’s Micro Emerger 18-24

Kokanee: Fall fishing, colorful egg patterns, fished between Dillon Lake & Breckenridge

Fishing Shops & Guide Services
Silverthorne: Cutthroat Anglers 888-876-8818

Breckenridge: Breckenridge Blue River Anglers, 888-453-9171; Breckenridge Outfitters 877-898-6104; Mountain Anglers 970-453-4665, 800-453-4669;

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Hotels-Silverthorne?: Quality Inn & Suites 970-513-1222, Days Inn 970-468-8661, Mountain Vista Bed & Breakfast? 970-468-7700?, Silver Inn 970-513-0104?

Hotels-Breckenridge: Wild Wood Suites 970-453-0232?, Breckenridge Mountain Lodge? 970-453-2333?
Food-Silverthorne?: Mint Historic 970-468-5247, Red Mountain Grill 970-468-1010?, Ristorante Al Lago? (970) 468-6111?

Food-Breckenridge: Hearthstone Restaurant? 970-453-1148?, MI Casa Mexican Restaurant and Cantina? 970-453-2071?, Breckenridge Brewery? 970-453-1550?, Salt Creek Restaurant & Saloon? 970-453-4949?, Cellar the Restaurant Bar Wine? 970-453-4777?

Cigars: Dillon Ridge Liquors? 970-468-0298?, Cecilia’s Nightclub, Martini and Cigar Bar? 970-453-2243

Spirits: Blue Valley Discount Liquors? 970-468-6613?, Silverthorne Liquors? 970-468-270

Wine: Ridge Street Wines (970) 453-7212, Cellar the Restaurant Bar Wine? 970-453-4777?, The Cellar Wine Bar? 970-668-8466?, D’Vine Wine Silverthorne? 970-468-9377?, Malbec Wine Bar? 970-468-4763?, Samplings Wine Bar Restaurant? 970-668-8466?, Breckenridge Winery? 970-453-4409? – Fly Fishing Guides and more

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For the best book on Fly Fishing Colorado purchase: “Flyfisher’s Guide to Colorado” by Marty Bartholomew.

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